About Hawberry Games

About Hawberry Games

Indie board game company that makes unique, easy-to-learn games

Started in 2021 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Hawberry Games has since released two games.

Our focus is on easy-to-learn games with a unique twist. Cake Auf! is a dessert-making card game that brings out the inner competitor in even the most unwilling cooks.

Emotional Intelligence is a unique party game – everyone becomes a detective out to decipher other players’ personality types.


Our first game, Cake Auf!, launches on Kickstarter.


Cake Auf! is sold worldwide and preparation for the second game, Emotional Intelligence, begins.


Emotional Intelligence is funded on Kickstarter and is sold worldwide.

What people say about the games

I had a chance to play [Emotional Intelligence] and it's a great conversation starter. It can be played with new people as an icebreaker or you can play with your family and friends to get to know them better!”

Derya Çebi

“My daughter and buddy and I played [Emotional Intelligence] at Unpub, and I'm thrilled to see it here on Kickstarter! Very fun and clever game. Can't wait to play again!”

Let The Games Begin

"We just played [Cake Auf] and ended up playing for 4 hours. It is really beautifully balanced. Thank you for making a new game to go in our favorites shelf!"

Jennifer Fries

"As someone who was there at the first play testing, it has been fun watching the game grow and evolve from a game with few rules set in stone yet and hand drawn cards to the game on Kickstarter today with its fun, competitive gameplay and its beautiful and professional art style."

Eric Westerman

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